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My absence is explainable…lol. I’ve been tattooing

Posted on Aug 9 by

So, It’s been awhile. I know, but…My absence is explainable…Lol. I’ve been tattooing…. A lot! Posting to the site, www.worksofmike.com has been a task the past few months…. My surface has changed for the time being. Tattooing has become a large part of my current life. I can say, it is similar to airbrushing, but a lot more technical, in both application and color selection. Skin, by far, is the most difficult surface I have worked on, now and in the past. Back when I was experimenting with airbrush body painting, creating certain ideas and concepts were difficult to pull off, but if I made a mistake, it was fixable. I could wipe the area off and try it as many times as time permitted. Sometimes my pickiness would cause photo shoots to go longer, this didn’t always go over well with the photographer or with the client. Some understood, some didn’t. Not so easy when it comes down to tattooing. Tattooing has challenged not only my drawing skills, but my concept building as well. I draw differently. There’s...


It’s been a long time….

Posted on Aug 1 by

Well Good morning! It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me. I had to take a break… i admit. I have been absent for some time, alot has been going on with my life and art.  I have been spending alittle time to do some self building/healing. I know those of you who feel broken at times, understand. There has been some major events in my personal life that have changed the way I look at concepts and my current body of works. I can definitely say that I see all these things as blessings in my life, don’t get me wrong, but I have been completely rocked to my core. Some things will come as no surprise, some may. My latest airbrush project was finsihed and the customer was pleased with my custom concept for their tailgate art. My showing of the “Unrefined Collection part 1” at the Bordeaux Branch of the Nashville Library will be coming down this month, but there will soon be other additions to the collection, so stay tuned! For the past 3 years,...


The Unrefined Collection

Posted on Apr 20 by

The Unrefined Collection What defines you? What makes you who you are? Is it the way you look? What about the way you talk? What is your perception of me? My current collection is near and dear to me. Becoming an art instructor was not something I imagined. I began sharing my talents with those who would listen; those who wanted to better themselves like me. It started way back when a curious young guy came into the airbrush store I was working in and he started asking technical questions about airbrushing. From there, a lot more curious minds came asking questions on how to get better.  Looking back on all those faces I have shared my knowledge with, the ones with the strongest impact on my soul were the kids. Sometimes I walk side by side with the kid in me and, like any other kid, he is brutally honest. When a series of events happen with precision timing, it’s just divine. During a drawing class one summer, we were discussing the matters of the day, and one...


So busy I forgot to post this….lol

Posted on Mar 17 by

Good Day All! I have been so busy, I forgot to post this….lol. It’s just February, and I’m on fire! Oops, so busy I forgot it was March…lol. Hope all is well in the world you are navigating through. Things are moving well in my year so far. Being a one-guy operation is tough at times, but I wouldn’t change it. Creativity comes out differently as the week goes. This, sometimes causes issues between artists when working on a project. With that being said, I go into my present workload… – The motorcycle project I just finished was shown in the January Easy Rider Bike Show in Nashville, TN. – Finished up some motorcycle parts for a shop in Huntsville, Alabama. – Just finished a commissioned one of a kind painting for a wedding. The couple came from Louisville, KY for me to do this one. – Finishing up a portrait for a new couple. This couple lives in Lavergne, TN. – Finishing up a commission for client in New Jersey. – Finishing up some motorcycle emblems for a...


New Year, New prospects and Venues!

Posted on Jan 6 by

Happy New Year! 2014. Another year has gone by and the wisdom gained from the previous year has added more grey to my face to show its presence. With the start of a New Year… new prospects, venues, new year’s resolutions, dedications to change, and some personal growth within the space you occupy come into play.  We realign ourselves with our place in the universe and look into the stars for guidance. Triumphs and defeats have shaped our outlook on our future endeavors. We either run bravely into the unknown or cower from fright of the same. F.E.A.R. was always explained to me as F*^% Everything And Run… which if you’re in a horror movie and you hear that scary music, it applies greatly. But what if… what if F.E.A.R. was truly False Evidence Appearing Real? What if all of the hiccups were illusions distracting you from you focus? What do you do? where do you go to find the answers?  Within… The Enemy has always been the inner me. I have come to learn more about myself and...


Busy, Busy, Busy

Posted on Oct 30 by

Busy, Busy, Busy! First and foremost, I need to thank the Most High for blessing me in this time of need with the work He has placed in my path. Wow! There has been alot going on in the past 48 days. Busy Busy, Busy Me!. Now, I never complain when I have work on my plate, but this is the first time in a long while that I am so busy I have to outsource some things. Right after finishing up Global Fun N Food, I was getting ready for the Music Is Art Festival in Buffalo, NY when I was informed that I was nominated for a SEA Award for Graphic Designer of The Year. WHOA! Big recognition! This nomination brought on a wave of inquiries and requests for graphic work, logos, cd covers, and some video editing. I am always up to the challenge of fulfilling client’s requests, even if I am unable to complete it all in a timely manner. Art is everlasting, I want to leave my mark where/whenever I can.  Since I was on...