So, It’s been awhile. I know, but…My absence is explainable…Lol. I’ve been tattooing…. A lot! Posting to the site, has been a task the past few months…. My surface has changed for the time being. Tattooing has become a large part of my current life. I can say, it is similar to airbrushing, but a lot more technical, in both application and color selection. Skin, by far, is the most difficult surface I have worked on, now and in the past. Back when I was experimenting with airbrush body painting, creating certain ideas and concepts were difficult to pull off, but if I made a mistake, it was fixable. I could wipe the area off and try it as many times as time permitted.

Sometimes my pickiness would cause photo shoots to go longer, this didn’t always go over well with the photographer or with the client. Some understood, some didn’t.

Not so easy when it comes down to tattooing.

Tattooing has challenged not only my drawing skills, but my concept building as well. I draw differently. There’s more depth to my work now. I think of the surface and the work that is going on that surface more now. The skin is starting to feel like the many surfaces I have worked on so many times before. But I’m not there yet. I’m still uncomfortable on skin in this way. I wonder if my first experience with tattooing would have been like this, would I still be tattooing? I dunno.  I’d like to say, possibly. Who knows what I would be doing now if…

Well, in any case, my tattooing adventure is moving along greatly. My clientele is growing. I’m having fun, my work is greatly improving, and I’m getting some interesting toys that are making my job easier while I grow. One surface at a time. To see this progress, check out my Instagram page @Olskoolmike to see for yourself.

Now back to tattooing…


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