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Busy, Busy, Busy! First and foremost, I need to thank the Most High for blessing me in this time of need with the work He has placed in my path. Wow! There has been alot going on in the past 48 days. Busy Busy, Busy Me!. Now, I never complain when I have work on my plate, but this is the first time in a long while that I am so busy I have to outsource some things. Right after finishing up Global Fun N Food, I was getting ready for the Music Is Art Festival in Buffalo, NY when I was informed that I was nominated for a SEA Award for Graphic Designer of The Year. WHOA! Big recognition! This nomination brought on a wave of inquiries and requests for graphic work, logos, cd covers, and some video editing. I am always up to the challenge of fulfilling client’s requests, even if I am unable to complete it all in a timely manner. Art is everlasting, I want to leave my mark where/whenever I can.  Since I was on the road, these new projects would have to wait until I return from Buffalo.


(For those wanting to vote for me to help me win, here’s the  link:


Music is Art 2013

Buffalo is a amazing city, rich with art lovers. Last year’s festival was great, this year will be even better because people will remember seeing Elisheba and myself from last year. This year was different. We brought more help, a photographer and a different booth person. When we arrived in Buffalo that Friday, the sky was beautiful. While checking into the hotel and talking to the clerk about why we were in town, she said calmly, “Poor baby, you’re gonna get soaked tomorrow. Forecast for tomorrow is rain, all day.” I’ve created art in all types of weather conditions, rain is no challenge if you can modify some of the conditions. We had most of those challenges covered, but there was one thing we did not take into account, drainage. While we were painting on stage, the tarps that were setup to keep us dry, was building up water in pockets and it was dripping all over us while we were getting the painting started.  Since it did rain the entire day, not many people came out to the show, but we still had a great time and completed another public display of our talent to a new audience.


Music Is Art 2013 mural

“Funk Drs” Live mural done by Elisheba & Myself

After returning from Buffalo, I was floating in enough projects to actually pick the most interesting ones out over others. (Sorry, out-of-the-box ideas spark more creative juices…) While getting back into the swing of things, I was called back by a client from earlier in the year who wants more mural work and wants it now.  Since this project was special, it needed special attention. Attention I was unable to supply being tapped out from all the other jobs floating in my head. When the tough gets going, you get tougher… so I brought in my ace! He took to it like a fish to a hook and knocked it out pretty quick. We present our proposal to him, and he loves it. “When can you start?” He asked… lol.

Well here we are… me & my ace, Dante Bard, 3 weeks into this current project on the wave of completion of half of the project. When this portion is complete, I will post updated photos. Until then, Happy Painting everyone!



Swett’s Smoke House BBQ

swett's bbq mural

swett's bbq mural