Good Day All!

I have been so busy, I forgot to post this….lol. It’s just February, and I’m on fire! Oops, so busy I forgot it was March…lol. Hope all is well in the world you are navigating through. Things are moving well in my year so far. Being a one-guy operation is tough at times, but I wouldn’t change it. Creativity comes out differently as the week goes. This, sometimes causes issues between artists when working on a project. With that being said, I go into my present workload…

– The motorcycle project I just finished was shown in the January Easy Rider Bike Show in Nashville, TN.
– Finished up some motorcycle parts for a shop in Huntsville, Alabama.
– Just finished a commissioned one of a kind painting for a wedding. The couple came from Louisville, KY for me to do this one.
– Finishing up a portrait for a new couple. This couple lives in Lavergne, TN.
– Finishing up a commission for client in New Jersey.
– Finishing up some motorcycle emblems for a client in Nashville, TN.
– Finalizing the concept for another client in New York, New York.  (Large canvas piece)
– 10 of the 30 “Unrefined” collection are ready for viewing.  (2 have been purchased so far)
– Working on a Lasertag Arena. (almost 5,000 sq. ft.)
– 3 art shows in the first quarter.
– Working on a web-based animation project with a awesome writer from Seattle, Washington.

Whew! I was asking to be busy… and I have always been told, you get what you ask for. LOL. And the workload doesn’t stop there. While I have been typing this entry, I received a phone call from an old associate who is looking to commission me for 5 visual statements and a tribute show. With all this coming down the pipe, I feel truly blessed. Well, since I have so much to do, I better get back to it. I’ll upload photos next post!

See you guys later…