Good morning all. Hope all is well with everyone out there. I have been very busy this past month doing several different projects, including some of my won. But of all that I’ve done, none has made me as nervous as this custom Aces High Harley Davidson I’m working on. IMG_20130715_124625Ya know, when you’ve done this for as long as I have, and you’ve set the bar for yourself…. You have certain expectations that you will not compromise. Well, I ran into one of them yesterday once I got into the actual detail of the project. I have been using my custom micron for a while and I’m very comfortable with it. So I felt that going totally freehanded, would be a no-brainer. Right?!? I’m confident enough with my skill set to pull this off?!?!?!

Problem #1. I started doubting myself. Well, not to make excuses, but the new location is great! The guys at the shop have shown me nothing love…. and alittle pressure. But that should have been expected, they wouldn’t know if I was a pro or a professional liar.

Problem #2. I deviated from the original plan. This is a customer’s paying project and not my time to experiment with what I think is a no-brainer. The customer’s wishes for a monochrome color scheme is what he was asking for, and I did not do that yesterday.

Problem #3. When going into a situation where the other guy did amazing work before you, never compare yourself to them. I am not one to compare myself to others, but I’m gonna end on that note, because it’s time to go make the donuts. See you guys later with some progress pics.




Micasso da airbrush artist….lol