I was called and asked to come out to The Global Mall (the old Hickory Hollow Mall) to a placed called Global Fun N Food to look at the walls and come up with an idea for a mural they are wanting. After talking to the contacts on this project, they gave suggestions of what they were looking for. I produced a simple sketch of the children who would fill up the walls with some playful square patterns all over the walls. They approved my sketches with some minor changes and we were off to the races. DSC05531

First goal was to establish the color scheme of the project, which was a big one. Being the “Global Mall”, the children should be global as well. Working with the kids I have over the years told me that I know they don’t see race, just color. This made the design of the kids easier, no need to specify nationality, just shades. Great idea we all agreed! Color spectrum worked out without a hitch. Colors for the background and the children’s clothing came next and that was done quickly from the colors already established from the first palette.DSC05552DSC05553

Being put under pressure when it comes to last on the list to get done projects are not new to us, it’s common in our business. Speed with artistic flash is not a problem for the individuals assembled to help me with this, because they have done so in the past. but this was different. It’s been awhile since we’ve all worked together on a project and we’ve grown so much since then. Ok, first things first… Let’s get these squares on this wall. How you may ask now since the projector didn’t work out…freestyled. :-(. Not gonna say it came together the way it looked on paper at first, but we worked it closer to the reference pictures after a little extra attention.

We’re at day 6 and a lot of progress has taken place, Here are some updated pictures of the project right now. More to come later! Stay Tuned!!!!!!!