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My absence is explainable…lol. I’ve been tattooing

So, It's been awhile. I know, but...My absence is explainable...Lol. I've been tattooing.... A lot! Posting to the site, has been a task the past few months.... My surface has changed for the time being. Tattooing has become a large part of my...

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It’s been a long time….

Well Good morning! It's been a long time since you've heard from me. I had to take a break... i admit. I have been absent for some time, alot has been going on with my life and art.  I have been spending alittle time to do some self building/healing. I know those of...

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The Unrefined Collection

The Unrefined Collection What defines you? What makes you who you are? Is it the way you look? What about the way you talk? What is your perception of me? My current collection is near and dear to me. Becoming an art instructor was not something I imagined. I began...

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So busy I forgot to post this….lol

Good Day All! I have been so busy, I forgot to post It's just February, and I'm on fire! Oops, so busy I forgot it was Hope all is well in the world you are navigating through. Things are moving well in my year so far. Being a one-guy...

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New Year, New prospects and Venues!

Happy New Year! 2014. Another year has gone by and the wisdom gained from the previous year has added more grey to my face to show its presence. With the start of a New Year... new prospects, venues, new year's resolutions, dedications to change, and some personal...

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy, Busy, Busy! First and foremost, I need to thank the Most High for blessing me in this time of need with the work He has placed in my path. Wow! There has been alot going on in the past 48 days. Busy Busy, Busy Me!. Now, I never complain when I have work on my...

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  • I love my returning clients! Healed piece from a few yrs back. She wanted to add the #lifecycle of the #monarch #butterfly around my old piece.⠀
#seed #caterpillar #chrysilis #rebirth⠀
#nashvilleartist #tattoo #colortattoos #brownskingirl #inkedgirls #onedropinknashville
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  • A #afrofuturistic play on the #rebirth of a #Phoenix on the back of one of my favorite clients, @peridot_2u Thank you so much for the grippo's!

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