Mike’s direction on fine art has changed over the years. Just like most artists, who continue to push for perfection of their style of art, go through several changes. Being introduced to the mixed medium process, Mike has taken his previous visual look into a new plateau. Pushing the boundaries of the human form, with his use of acrylic paints, mediums, and his painting techniques, He is redefining his work to a level fine art has not seen. Invoking an emotional connection between the art and its viewer is Mike’s approach to his fine art. Experimenting with his new abstract series, Mike is exploring a new style to fit the wider scope of the artistic expression. This collaboration of area and color will be something refreshing, opening Mike’s fine art into new avenues.

From portraits to surrealism, abstract to mixed media, no style is out of my visual expression. Mike’s use of materials brings a new dynamic to the fine art scene. If you’re looking for something unique for your home or business, and there is nothing out there that you see in the art world, let Mike create something for you that will not only touch your heart and express you, but touch those who view your fine art piece.