Creating mural art is one of Mike’s first passions. He started his artistic career at the age of 15 after being introduced to Ms. Kahn, who was involved in creating murals for the local elementary and middle schools. She was impressed with his potential and eagerness. Mike worked with Ms. Kahn throughout High school creating large scale mural art in several school districts. Learning to work in larger scales helped Mike develop his skills to create amazing visual stories in his mural art projects. With his previous knowledge of spray paint and his airbrush, and his new understanding of larger paintbrushes and roller pads, his murals started taking on a new look.
After the military, Mike worked with several photography studios, from Nashville to Cincinnati, creating amazing backdrops for their them for almost a decade. Process and materials are always important in large scale works. Over the years, Mike has experimented with several different techniques to help bring his murals to life. From aerosol cans to airbrushing or the use of a paintbrush, roller pads, or his fingers. Attention to detail is a part of his magic, bringing a greater meaning to his mural art projects. Whether it is an interior or exterior wall, no surface is a challenge for his expertise.

No Surface Is Untouchable!