menu_logo_topI call this one “The Rush job” for a couple reasons. The more you read and understand the mind of an artist, this story will make so much more sense. I was just getting into the “Ace’s High” Harley when I got a call from a gentleman who wanted to know if I was interested in doing some airbrushing on a semi truck. He asked if I could produce a smoky effect on it, of course, I said yes. We talked for a few minutes more, then ended the call. About 2 weeks later, he called me and asked if I was ready to get started, once again, I said yes…lol. The semi was ready for some airbrushing. He gave me the location, which was the Rush Trucking Center in Symrna, TN. I went by, took a look at the semi and contacted the mystery man about what was needed and tried to explain the process to him. His original concept changed due to time needed, but we came up with a downsized concept.

Working with several types of paints and additives to make them work on different surfaces, you have some drawbacks. Some bigger than others. Lately, I have almost perfected my mixing of House of Kolor paints and other urethanes. I can almost mix everything I need with just a few colors. Kandies, bases, you name it! I was introduced to Elite bases since our original plan had to change. Elite base is the paint used on Semi’s because of its durability. Just spraying the base, it shines like it has already been cleared. So I have my instructions on what is needed for the semi. I now have the new knowledge of this paint, and this only warning, after the base and hardener are mixed, you have 1 hr to get that paint on the surface and out of your airbrushes or it will harden….What?!?!?!?! OMG! What kind of (blank) is that? You can’t rush perfection, wrong… Since I really didn’t have any time to think this one through, I started spraying. 6 Fenders and 2 heavy plates to spray. Without looking at my watch, I am in rush mode. I blew through those fenders and those plates like I was running out of time, which I was. I finished with about a ounce of paint left in my cup. Then I stopped and looked at what I just done. You tell me what ya think….temp

I talked to the owner of the semi and asked him to send me some photos of the finished semi.

Originally both sides of the cab and fenders were supposed to happen, but in order to do so, the entire cab was going to need a good sanding, (which you can use a DA sander with 320 grit sandpaper on the paint uncleared and you can’t tell) and would have to be re-cleared after I was done. If there was more time, I would’ve taken it to the shop and done it there. Maybe next time.