One night while juggling ideas in my head while listening to some old school 90’s hip hop I was drawn to my sketch book (lol) by these simple words, “yet unrefined”. Those words would resonate in my head, recalling conversations I’ve had with other individuals who were “yet unrefined”. This put me in a state of mind that perception is instinct. To change the perception, you must change the mind and the heart. Thrilled with this concept, I gathered my thoughts and went back to that Tribe Called Quest classic, “Oh My God”, and restart the journey well prepared for the adventure. Those first 2 lines from Q-Tip’s mouth strike my drawing pad with such passion that the image created itself and I was just there to witness it.

How many times have you seen something or someone you thought would be one way, but when you took the time to understand them, you learned it was far more advanced than you imagined? How many times in your life can you say that you judged a book by its cover? So often the youth of our communities are immediately misjudged by their appearance instead of their intelligence. Misread for their reaction instead of their actions, misunderstood by their mistakes instead of applauded for their choices. I wanted to challenge the mind’s eye with this concept and make the viewer reevaluate their own perceptions to their own inner fears and turn them into their strengths.

This endeavor has birthed the “Unrefined” collection. A 30 piece collection of this idea expanding the level of consciousness of the viewer, to see the larger picture instead of the narrow path of the subject. Created in a mixed media format that allows the art to resonate in the hearts of its audience.