The “Unrefined” collection update….

unrefined 1

Greetings fans! Thanks for stopping by and checking on updates and new photos from my website. I am constantly working on new paintings and other projects, just not posting them… Sorry for that, but I’m trying to keep the image overload factor to a minimum (a sound piece of advice from my web admin). For those that are curious, I am still working on the “Unrefined” collection and I wanted to give you some updated photos and some progress. I have fallen in love with the gel skin technique that I use to create each of these, but they’re time consuming. I have been trying to develop a way to streamline the process or to work on multiples at the same time to speed up the output of these paintings. With 30 of these in mind, trying to complete them in a timely manner is difficult. I thought making the skin in advance would speed things up, it did a bit, but there is limited room to lay out multiples with their backgrounds done. I am just glad that my family is tolerable to all the art supplies all over the home studio. LOL.

Since I sold one of the original first 5 of the Unrefined collection, I had to replace him to keep the collection going and complete. I do not think it would be a problem getting him back once I am ready to show them all, but replacing him prevents any hiccups at showtime. I finally started on the “girls” due to some requests and complaints from some close advisers.  “How are you a father of girls and all of your paintings focus on boys?” My daughters hit he the hardest when the youngest asked, “Daddy, why haven’t you done any girls yet?”  I tried to tell them that the process is alittle more complicated than you think and I want them to look a certain way… so my girls are “special”…. and I want to take my time with them. The boys are easy to produce, all I have to do is look inward for the inspiration to complete them.  I went through several identity changes as I grew, so I can say that watching my daughters grow, and looking back and forward at the lives of my sisters, helps greatly. Stay tuned for the next 5 paintings, I’m 2 in, and the girls are turning out just as awesome as the first 5 boys!



STAY TUNED!!!!!…..